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Welcome to CanDoChem

Live classes and video courses at KS3, IGCSE & (I)A Level
for home educated students
Individual tuition in (I)GCSE & (I)A Level Chemistry

My vision at CanDoChem is to enable all students to access a top quality Chemistry education, that will engage and enthuse them and help them to realise their potential. Chemistry is a conceptually challenging subject, where specialist teaching makes all the difference in terms of both helping students to flourish and really understand the subject. I am equally passionate about both teaching and Chemistry, and the progress of every student genuinely matters to me. My courses are taught and resourced in such a way to ensure that students with SEND are set up for success and the excellent teaching  practices benefit all learners. I liaise closely with families to help ensure the best outcomes for all my students. 

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KS3 & IGCSE Live Classes

“We have found Kate to be highly knowledgeable and effective at delivering a really engaging Chemistry course at both KS3 and IGCSE levels. The sessions have been fully interactive and enjoyable for the kids, and Kate is careful to ensure the whole class understands new topics. Homework is marked very quickly, with lots of feedback and encouragement, including practical experiments we have been able to do at home in the kitchen with the kids. Classes are kept to a small size. Very highly recommended!”

IGCSE Live Classes

“I feel very lucky to have found Kate at CanDoChem. She is an expert and obviously knows her subject inside out, making top grades accessible to home ed students. Her lessons are enjoyable and very well planned. All resources are available online and everything about the course is incredibly well organised. She cares about her students and notices if one is struggling or having a tough day and is very quick to feedback to parents. I could not recommend her highly enough.”

IGCSE Video Course

“CanDoChem is the best provider of science classes for home educators out there (and I've sampled quite a few). New concepts are introduced gradually and with plenty of reinforcement and encouragement. Class hand-outs have just the right amount of information and are great for revision. A lot of work has clearly gone into delivering a logically planned course, and it really shows!”


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