Small Group Chemistry Home Ed Classes 

"Kate is without doubt the best Science teacher / tutor I have come across... Kate combines subject mastery with teaching brilliance. She is a rare find."


In September 2020 I started my live, interactive online small group classes for IGCSE Chemistry. They have proven to be really successful and I am delighted to be launching a one year Key Stage 3 course in September 2021. My courses are aimed at students who are keen to engage with academically challenging work, which will enable them to aim at the top grades at IGCSE and prepare them for further study in the Sciences, should they choose to follow this route. The courses are fully comprehensive, providing all resources needed (apart from an IGCSE text book / kitchen resources for KS3 practicals) including follow up work and regular assessment. I believe my Chemistry classes are unparalleled in terms of their organisation, teaching methods and resources. I have put considerable time and expertise into their development and take immense pride in helping each and every student achieve their full potential. 

Summer 2021 results are in for my 1-year IGCSE class and they achieved 100% Grade 9! I'm very proud of them all. 

Classes on offer

  • Two-year Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry - one hour class per week.

  • One-year Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry - two, one hour, classes per week.

  • One-year KS3 Chemistry - one hour class per week. 

  • Video Course option available rather than live classes, but with very similar resources. Find out more here.

I would love to set-up an A Level class. Do please contact me if interested.

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Why choose me

I am a former Head of Chemistry with nearly fifteen years of teaching experience, two of which have been as an Independent Online Chemistry Educator working with many home educated students. I taught the IGCSE Chemistry course for six years at one of the UK’s top independent schools, so know the specification and exam style inside out. As an Edexcel examiner I have access to all the past exam papers, which enables me to put together fantastic sets of resources. I believe in the importance of life-long learning and am a bit of a collector of degrees with five from the University of Cambridge. The highlights include a PhD in Chemistry, a PGCE and Masters in Education. My educational expertise means that I am a very reflective teacher who excels in simplifying concepts and building understanding. I am adept at stretching students outside the specification, answering their questions and preparing them in a way that will set them up for further study in scientific disciplines should they choose this route. As well as being able to inspire the high fliers, it is worth mentioning that for many of my teaching years I took the lower IGCSE sets because I am patient and excel in nurturing students to achieve their best. I believe in the importance of strong relationships with home, as learning is a team effort. As a parent myself, I see each child as an individual and will do my best to help your child thrive.

Key facts about classes

  • Classes are designed to be academically rigorous. 

  • Classes are very interactive.

  • All classes are one hour in length and take place during term time only.

  • Classes take place via Zoom.

  • Sets of scaffolded notes and exam questions are provided to accompany each class to help structure learning (new addition!)

  • Copies of the notes made on the whiteboard are provided after each session.

  • Pre-recorded videos of the class content is provided, enabling replay at a later date or catch up if the session is missed. 

  • Videos of all the IGCSE core practicals are provided with accompanying resources to help develop understanding. 

  • Follow up work is provided for each class. Most of this is self-marked. At IGCSE this work is an essential part of the course.

  • All resources are provided electronically via Google Classroom, organised by topic, to enable easy review at a later date.

  • A half termly formal assessment is set and marked, with detailed written feedback.

  • The courses cover the entire specification and include exam preparation with two marked mock papers.

  • The two-year course also includes an end of year exam. 

  • There are weekly drop in help sessions, which allow students to receive individual help when needed.

  • I pride myself on ensuring classes are inclusive and accessible to learners with additional needs.

  • Small group IGCSE classes cost £15 per hour session and will have 4 - 8 students.

  • Small group KS3 classes cost £12.50 per hour session and will have 4 - 8 students. 

Further details about both courses available to download (please click):

IGCSE Chemistry Course 

KS3 Chemistry Course 

To get an idea of my teaching style you can try a sample lesson  teaching you how to write chemical formulae on my YouTube channel. Classes with students are of course more interactive! 


You are responsible for making your own exam entries, although I am very happy to provide support with any advice. In 2021 I worked as an approved tutor with a number of different exam centres and was able to provide evidence and award TAGs for all my private students. I have also contributed evidence of ways of working, to support applications for access arrangements for a number of my private candidates.  

I prepare my students for Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Chemistry (4CH1). This can be sat in January or May / June. My courses prepare students to take their exams in May / June. Students have to take two exams - Chemistry Paper 1 (4CH1/1C), which is a 2 hour paper and Chemistry Paper 2 (4CH1/2C), which is a 75 minute paper. The papers contain a mixture of different question styles, including multiple-choice questions, short-answer question, calculations and extended open-response questions. 

I am pleased to be working as a Learning Partner with Tutors and Exams. Tutors and Exams provides examination and assessment facilities primarily aimed at private and home educated candidates. They currently have five exam centres located in Bolton, Coventry, Doncaster, St. Neots Cambridgeshire and Wimbledon, with a sixth one coming soon in Taunton. Having worked with them to award TAGs for a number of my students I have been really impressed with their professional approach, particularly towards Access Arrangements. As a Learning Partner, my students receive 15% off the cost of their IGCSE Chemistry exam entries. You will need to enter a code at the time of booking your exam entries. Please do contact me for the code (before making your exam entry) if you wish to enter through Tutors and Exams. 

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I am now taking bookings for September 2021 and have a limited number of places remaining. Please contact me on or via the contact form below for information on how to book into a class. 

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Class reviews

"I have to thank you for having the course incredibly well structured. Your clear and precise explanations make it easy for Finn to follow the 1 year course (considering he had virtually no previous knowledge) and he knows what is expected to get the high grades he is aiming for. Your immediate feedback and clear instructions on how to improve make it a pleasure for me as a parent who has very little knowledge, as it means I can leave it to your teaching and Finn revising to achieve what he wants. It is a real pleasure to have you so passionate about your subject and being such a great teacher. Thanks so much, wish there were more like you out there.” 

A.R. (parent) March 2021

"Kate is, without doubt, the best Science teacher/tutor I have come across. She has become the bar with which I now compare others. Kate combines subject mastery with teaching brilliance. She is a rare find."

L.E. (parent) January 2021

"We are big fans of Dr Kate's Home Ed IGCSE Chemistry online group classes! My son was a beginner at Chemistry (albeit with a good general Science knowledge) but he is motivated to rise to the high standards that Dr Kate sets in the class as a result of the meticulous planning, personal attention, gamification (my son loves the Chemistry Kahoots) she provides and through creating an encouraging and friendly environment.

Regular homework and tests ensure that the skills the students learn in this tricky subject are consolidated. While reviewing one of the class recordings, I found myself following on for a good 15 mins re-learning atomic structure as Dr Kate broke down the topic into manageable chunks, while gently checking the students' understanding as she went along.

As an examiner, Dr Kate encourages the depth and precision required to answer questions to exam standards. Exam paper questions have been introduced from the beginning and students are shown how to answer in a way that gains full marks. 

The small size of the groups is a huge bonus; the students can have their camera on and use the mic to answer questions, which makes the class a highly interactive experience

My son takes / has taken quite a few online group classes and this is undoubtedly one of the best we have experienced so far."

C.M. (parent) January 2021

"My son is taking the 1 year intensive IGCSE class with Kate and I can say she has been brilliant all the way through. His confidence and enthusiasm for the subject has grown week by week and he now feels, with her help, he can achieve a top grade. The small class size offers just the right balance of personalised support and friendly interaction. Kate also offers extra drop in sessions for any lingering questions and excellent feedback for homework. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

S. M. (parent) January 2021

"I'd just like to say thanks for all the encouragement, support and amazing teaching. I now find Chemistry an engaging and interesting subject to learn and am aiming for a top grade."

J.M. (student) January 2021

"My daughter was keen to study IGCSE Chemistry in one year and so she started the course.  Very soon it became clear that the course was moving too quickly for her.  After speaking with Kate, we all decided to change to the two-year course.  This pace is perfect for her, she’s really enjoying it and gaining confidence.  The majority of homework is self-marked and Kate is always available to answer questions.  Exams are set at the end of each topic; Kate marks them and provides very useful feedback. 

I could not recommend Chemistry with Kate more highly.  She is clearly passionate about her subject and provides interesting and stimulating lessons with positive feedback."

C.C. (parent) February 2021

I have a few spaces remaining for September 2021. Please contact me on or via the contact form above for information on how to book into a class. 

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