KS3 and IGCSE Chemistry Video Courses

"My daughter learned more from the first lesson than she did from an entire year of lessons from another online provider!"


As an alternative to my live classes, I started offering Video Courses for KS3 and Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry in September 2021. Each class in the Video Course comes with a video, accompanying workbook style notes  and questions to complete during the class and self-marked consolidation work (all issued through Google Classroom at present although this will be updated to a new course hosting programme before the next academic year). The videos require active engagement - students are encouraged to pause the video regularly to try activities. Explanations are then provided when they resume the video. Classes are released on a weekly basis and follow the same teaching order and content as the live classes. Students are set regular self-marked topic tests at IGCSE and two mock exams. The aim of these courses is to enable more students to access high quality Chemistry teaching in a more cost effective and / or flexible way. They also suit students who might be overwhelmed by the class setting, or who prefer to work at their own pace. These classes are aimed at home educated students, but I do also have school students following the IGCSE courses.

The video course are available as a weekly KS3 course, a self-paced KS3 course, a 1-year IGCSE course, a 2-year IGCSE course and a self-paced IGCSE course.

Want a bit more input than just the video classes, then why not consider my IGCSE Chemistry Flipped Learning Course. This combines the video course with a live masterclass session after every two classes. This is available in 1-year and 2-year versions. 

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If you would like to be kept in the loop about when the video course is ready to book for the next academic year, then please send me an email (candochem@gmail.com) or fill in my contact form below. 

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Video course reviews

“CanDoChem is the best provider of science classes for home educators out there (and I've sampled quite a few). New concepts are introduced gradually and with plenty of reinforcement and encouragement. Class hand-outs have just the right amount of information and are great for revision. A lot of work has clearly gone into delivering a logically planned course, and it really shows!”

J.R., April 2022, (IGCSE 2-year video course)


“Learning with Kate is an absolute pleasure and the right solution for my daughter. Her video lessons are calm, easy to understand, interesting, very well structured and the notes/handouts and homework very clear and easy to follow.” 

G.WG, April 2022, (IGCSE 2-year video course)