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KS3 and Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry
Pre-Recorded Courses

"My daughter learned more from the first lesson than she did from an entire year of lessons from another online provider!"


I offer Pre-Recorded Courses as an alternative to my courses with live classes. These offer the same level of professional expertise and access to the same high-quality resources as my live classes. The aim of these courses is to enable more students to access specialised, expert Chemistry teaching in a cost-effective and / or flexible way. They also suit students who might be overwhelmed by the class setting, or who prefer to work at their own pace. These classes are aimed at home educated students, but I do also have school students following the IGCSE courses.


Each lesson in the Pre-Recorded Course comes with a lesson video, accompanying workbook style notes  and questions to complete during the class, as well as self-marked consolidation work. The lessons require active engagement - students are encouraged to pause the video regularly to try activities, which they complete in their notes, helping to maintain their focus on learning. Explanations are then provided when they resume the video. There are regular electronic quizzes to provide quick understanding checks along the way and accountability for learning. Students are set eight self-marked topic tests at IGCSE and two mock exams. At KS3 there are no topic tests, so we really can focus on the joy of learning and developing skills.

The IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course is available as a self-paced course, which can be taken over 2 years if working through 1 lesson a week in term time, or 1 year if doing 2 lessons per week. 

The KS3 Pre-Recorded Course is available as a self-paced course, which works well with one lesson per week over 1 year. It can of course be spaced out over longer. 

If you want more input than just the Pre-Recorded Course for IGCSE, then why not consider an upgrade on the standard course.

Silver IGCSE Package: includes marking and feedback on the topic tests and mock exams, as well as access to support either via email or twice weekly drop-in help sessions.


Gold IGCSE Package: includes a weekly tuition to consolidate learning, as well as marking and feedback on the topic tests and mock exams.

You can sample a pre-recorded lesson for both KS3 and IGCSE to get a flavour of my teaching style and resources:





For more information on IGCSE Courses please download my IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course guide for courses here

For more information on KS3 Courses please download my KSPre-Recorded Course guide for courses here


The KS3 and Self-Paced IGCSE Courses can be purchased with a one-off payment on my Course Site. Alternatively, for IGCSE I can offer a payment plan to spread the cost - please contact me to discuss. 



KS3 Pre-Recorded Course - £100

IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course - £200

Silver IGCSE Course Package - £350 (or contact me to arrange a termly payment package)

Gold IGCSE Course package - £32.50 per week, including a 30 minute individual tuition

For more information, please contact me either via email ( or fill in my contact form below.

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Pre-Recorded Course Reviews

"I just want to thank you for your course and explaining everything in such detail and all the hard work and effort that you put in to make this course. D praise you a lot at home and she felt very confident this morning on her way to the centre."

G.V., June 2023, (IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course)

“The quality of the teaching is fantastic. The sessions provided go above and beyond when it comes to detail and the smaller class size means that each child gets more attention than they would in a classic school environment. Kate always includes details and worksheets that help every student understand the content. The feedback is detailed and Kate is always quick on the trigger when it comes to answering any questions and queries. The resources provided gives students the opportunity to reinforce and practice their skills in Chemistry with extra drop in sessions proved if further support is needed.  Overall I would strongly recommend CanDoChem to any parents considering this courses. I would like to offer my thanks to Kate for delivering an excellent learning experience.”

J.J., February 2023, (IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course with Masterclasses)

“Kate is amazing, she explains things thoroughly and makes sure I have a clear understanding of the topic, she always provides constructive feedback and will help with any problems, I feel confident to email her with any questions or problems and I look forward to my Chemistry lesson.”

Student, February 2023, (IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course with Masterclasses)

“It's really useful and the way it's done helps make the subject easier. I also think that it's pretty easy to revise past topics if you need to because of all the material and notes you are given.”

Student, February 2023, (IGCSE Pre-Recorded Course with Masterclasses)

“CanDoChem is the best provider of science classes for home educators out there (and I've sampled quite a few). New concepts are introduced gradually and with plenty of reinforcement and encouragement. Class hand-outs have just the right amount of information and are great for revision. A lot of work has clearly gone into delivering a logically planned course, and it really shows!”

J.R., April 2022, (IGCSE 2-year Pre-Recorded Course)


“Learning with Kate is an absolute pleasure and the right solution for my daughter. Her video lessons are calm, easy to understand, interesting, very well structured and the notes/handouts and homework very clear and easy to follow.” 

G.WG, April 2022, (IGCSE 2-year Pre-Recorded Course)


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