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Individual Chemistry Tuition 

While a lot of my timetable is occupied these days running and teaching my KS3 and IGCSE courses for home educated students, I do also have some slots available for individual online tuition. I mainly teach (I)A Level Chemistry in these one-to-one slots, but also some Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry.

I offer AQA and Edexcel specifications at A Level, as well as the international equivalents. I usually only offer tuition during the school day during 9 am – 4 pm (UK time). This can work really well for school students who are able to arrange tuition during a free period, or on a day where they finish early. I also work with home educated students, international students who make use of the time zone difference, students who are retaking qualifications and mature students.

For home educated students I can offer a full curriculum at A Level, with weekly self-marked homework tasks and marked topic tests. For school-based students, I provide resources to support further independent work between tuitions, including topic specific sets of exam questions.

I also work with some home educated students and international students following the Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry specification, on an individual basis. I provide all my IGCSE tutees with a log on for my online course site. This enables them to either pre-learn material and / or complete high quality follow-up tasks – helping to provide a learning package that goes beyond just the tuition time. This also includes marking of topic tests and mock exams, where required.​

There is some variability in tuition costs, depending on the exact package of support that we agree.

Standard pricing is:

  • A Level students - £75 per hour, discounted to £70 for home ed students

  • IGCSE students - £65 per hour or £32.50 per half hour, including online course access (discounted to £60 ph for existing class / course students)

Please note, at IGCSE I offer tuition in time slots of 30 minutes upwards, depending on individual requirements. This can also be arranged on an ad-hoc basis as needed, to support students following my IGCSE courses.

If you wish to access tuition in a small group to reduce the costs e.g. with a friend, then I am very happy to give you an individual quote. 

Please contact me on or via the form below to discuss your individual needs. 

Privacy Notice 

Describing how I collect, process and store your data. Available to download here.

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A Level Chemistry, AQA

"Kate is a superb tutor - adaptable, sensitive, extremely knowledgeable, humorous, focussed and extraordinarily highly qualified. I can't imagine that a better Chemistry tutor exists. She rose to the challenge of whizzing me (a [very] mature student) through Chemistry A Level at breakneck speed (my choice). Not a moment was wasted in my tuition sessions but the moment I needed help or was failing to comprehend a particular topic, Kate adapted the velocity immediately to accommodate and made absolutely sure I was where I needed to be before upping the revs once more."

E.H. (student) June 2021

A Level Chemistry, AQA

"I just wished to thank you for your support of Lucy since last September. She has really grown in  confidence and the tutorials have kept her motivated and given her the additional help she needed to achieve high grades."

E.P. (parent) March 2021

A Level Chemistry, AQA, B (Medicine)

"I found a wonderful Chemistry tutor - lessons with Dr Kate drastically improved my confidence and understanding of A Level Chemistry. Her lessons are perfectly balanced with theory and exam practice, all tailored to the tutee's learning abilities. The interactive resources were especially useful in solidifying and verifying content as we went along."

L.O. (student) August 2020

A Level Chemistry, AQA, A* (Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge)

"I'm very pleased to tell you that I've been accepted in Cambridge after achieving 3A*s. Once again I'd like to thank you for all your diligent work with me. I'm so so grateful. I’ve enjoyed and appreciated each and every one of our tuition sessions together. I feel grateful to be in the position I’m in, and for having an amazing tutor like yourself. I’m certain that you’ve helped my Chemistry knowledge and ability in several ways, which I’ll be forever thankful for." 

C.O. (student) August 2020

A Level Chemistry, OCR, A (Medicine)

"You were a game changer for Tom, at a time when he was not entirely focused."

R.S. (parent) August 2020

A Level Chemistry, AQA, A (Veterinary Medicine)

"I am off to Nottingham in September to start Veterinary Medicine! Thank you for the tutoring." (Student)

"Thank you so much Kate. You made such a difference to him." (Parent)

C. H. August 2020

A Level Chemistry, OCR, A (Veterinary Medicine)

"I got an A in my Chemistry A Level. I've also got into Vet School!"

C.B. (student) August 2020

GCSE Combined Science, AQA, 8,7

"I just wanted to let you know that Megan got an 8/7 in her Combined Science. We are over the moon! Thank you so much for helping her with Chemistry. It obviously helped!"

V.E. (parent) August 2020

IB Chemistry HL, 7 (Medicine)

"I managed to achieve a 7 for Chemistry HL. I secured a place in the University of Nottingham for Medicine – which I am ecstatic about! Thank you so much! I wish you the very best and am eternally grateful for your help over this past year. I learnt so much! I could not have achieved this mark without you."

W.N. (student) July 2020 

A Level Chemistry, Edexcel

"I would like to thank you. I think you’ve been instrumental in his turnaround, and given him some belief in his abilities. I know for certain that he feels the same."

V.M. (parent) June 2020


IGCSE Chemistry, Edexcel, 8

"Kate was the perfect chemistry tutor for me. She knew the best way to explain the topics I didn't understand and challenge me on the topics I knew well. I enjoyed every lesson with her, and there was always plenty of valuable work set out for me. In the relatively short time I worked with her, she boosted both my Chemistry knowledge and ability to perform in tests greatly." (Student)

"I cannot recommend Kate highly enough. She knew exactly how to engage my son and build his knowledge and confidence in Chemistry. Kate was encouraging and very approachable and he really enjoyed the tutor sessions. After six months working with Kate, my son’s mark had moved up 3 grade boundaries. The results speak for themselves. " (Parent)

E. E-J. (student) June 2020

Introduction to A Level Chemistry

"5 stars! My daughter started taking tuition lessons with Kate during lockdown to try and get a head start in her A Levels and the standard of teaching is excellent. My daughter fully understands everything that is taught and Kate is always more than happy to help with any queries she does have regarding a question or topic. Kate is always prepared for the tuition with any resources that will be used and is clear in her teaching, leaving no gaps in my daughter's knowledge and no questions unanswered. She ensures that my daughter sees the reasoning and importance in what she is learning and is extremely successful in further stimulating her interest in the subject. Overall, Kate has been a fantastic tutor!"

P.S. (parent) June 2020

Introduction to A Level Chemistry

"Kate is a very dedicated Chemistry teacher. She has been tutoring my daughter for the last few months now and has rekindled her interest in the subject. My daughter is understanding the concepts better and is building a good foundation on which to build when she begins her A Level studies. She has put in great efforts and would love her coaching my daughter through her A Levels as well."

P. G. (parent) June 2020


Introduction to A Level Chemistry

"Kate Nickson is a great tutor. She teaches my daughter, who will start sixth form in September, A Level Chemistry and she finds her teaching very helpful. Kate breaks things down for my daughter to understand, her teaching is interactive and fun. She also gives follow up work to ensure my daughter remembers everything that has been taught in the lesson so that she can apply it to future work. My daughter looks forward to her lessons. I highly recommend Kate." 

V.A. (parent) June 2020


A Level Chemistry, OCR A

"Kate rekindled the love of the subject in our daughter (Year 12) and boosted her confidence in test taking. She brings her tremendous school experience to deliver a high quality learning experience."

R. G. (parent) May 2020

A Level Chemistry, OCR A

"The best Chemistry tutor I could've possibly found. The lessons are very well planned and Kate is patient, super enthusiastic and cheerful, this really allows me to enjoy the subject, which I didn’t expect to. She is also detailed in her explanations. We go through many past paper exam questions together, because of which I have noticed a great improvement within 2 months of starting tuition. I couldn’t be more pleased.” 

A. R. (student) February 2020

A Level Chemistry, OCR A, A (Veterinary Medicine)

"Caitlin was losing her enthusiasm for Chemistry until she started lessons with Kate. She now looks forward to her lessons. She finds Kate to be enthusiastic, very kind and understanding. She is helping her to understand the subject better with clear explanations. Kate sends her additional work between lessons which Caitlin tries hard to complete. Caitlin has only one complaint and that is that Kate is not her Chemistry Tutor at her Sixth Form College."

W. B. (grandma) September 2019


IGCSE Chemistry, Edexcel, 9

"Lucy tells me that everything you taught her came up today. She is eternally grateful... Lucy describes all sorts of little tricks for the more difficult topics."

H.M. (parent) June 2019

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