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Recommended Tutors and Home Ed Classes

I often receive enquiries about whether I can recommend small group Home Ed classes or tutors in other subject areas. Below are the details of other tutors whom I know professionally and trust to do a great job.

BIOLOGY / PHYSICS - IGCSE and KS3 Small Group Classes 


Natasha is a very experienced Oxford educated tutor and Biology A Level examiner and can offer classes in both Biology and Physics at KS3 and IGCSE. She also offers individual tuition. 

MATHS - IGCSE and KS3 Small Group Classes


Penny has been teaching and mentoring home educated students for over 16 years. She set up her small group classes 5 years ago. Penny offers two courses at KS3 level and two courses for IGCSE, as well as individual tuition.

PSYCHOLOGY - GCSE Small Group Classes


Vicki-Marie is a very experienced tutor and fully qualified teacher. She offers GCSE Psychology classes and A Level Sociology and Psychology classes as well as individual tuition.

BIOLOGY - Tuition and A Level Master Classes



Nicky is a fully qualified Biology teacher with over 20 years’ experience teaching and examining, including over 9 years full time tutoring for individuals and groups, specifically for A Level Biology. She offers online one to one tuition, as well as weekly group A Level Biology Masterclasses designed to support a student's learning in school.


PHYSICS - Tuition


Sam is a well-qualified Physics teacher and online tutor, examiner with major UK exam board, and author of Physics textbooks.  He has several years’ experience in all UK exam boards for Secondary age children in KS3, GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and International A Level. Sam has routinely supported students across the 11-19 age range to achieve several grades improvement.

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